Redevelopment project for Belimo Finance & Business Services, Hinwil

Belimo is the world market leader in the manufacture and marketing of devices for the energy-efficient control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. By redeveloping the top floor of the corporate headquarters in Hinwil near Zurich, Burckhardt+Partner have created a high-quality, tailored working environment for the Finance and Business Services unit in line with the client’s requirements.

The project incorporated elements of previous redevelopment schemes on the lower floors as well as the showrooms created by Burckhardt+Partner in the same building. The interior design reflects the brand world by using the powerful brand color orange.

The IT desk – the main point of contact for all employees – occupies a prominent position in the open-plan central zone in a similar way to a reception. Behind this are the lounge areas – a kitchenette for quick snacks and a living-room-style communal zone with sofas and swings for relaxation and sociable chat. The transparent and open-plan design provides views of the various workplaces. The lounge areas can be divided by curtains if required. Like the large, round lampshades made of felt, they have a sound-absorbing effect.

Rooms for various activities and requirements are arranged along the window façades on both sides of the central zone. These include private meeting rooms, six telephone booths for undisturbed calls and workplaces for tasks requiring peace and quiet or conducive to a livelier environment. A color scheme indicates the purpose of use.

The new spaces provide maximum flexibility with no fixed allocation of workplaces. A screen on the IT desk shows which places are free and occupied.

An area next to the screen in the brand color orange immediately stands out upon entering the floor. The company’s own branded boxes – usually used for the storage and dispatch of Belimo products – can be recognized closer up, raising the company’s profile and conveying its image publicly. Now used daily for the storage and transport of personal documents, the item is also used to represent the brand internally.

Belimo Automation AG

Period of time
2021 – 2022

René Dürr