Refurbishment of Coop’s TH12 headquarters in Basel

The Coop high-rise in Basel marks the entrance to the city and forms the hub of the Gundeldingen district on the way to the railway station entrance. The building, which has a striking external concrete support structure, was created by Gass+Boos Architekten in 1978 together with another administration building. Individual renovations of the building services and the façade were carried out in the mid-1990s and the early 2000s.

In 2018, Burckhardt+Partner was commissioned to completely refurbish the building. We will be working as architects and general planners to modernise the national headquarters of the major Swiss retailer Coop. The refurbishment will extend the service life of the building by another 30 years.

The refurbishment will include a complete renovation of the façade, a partial renovation of the building services, and a redesign and reorganisation of the office areas. Larger windows will create bright and well-lit areas designed to function as modern open-space offices. New meeting areas will promote exchanges between colleagues. The remodelling of the office areas will increase the number of workspaces by around a third.

The high-rise’s redesigned façade will consist of a closed cavity system combined with photovoltaic elements in the parapet cladding. The façade divisions, which were originally small with wide frame profiles, will be replaced with generous façade elements adapted to the slightly buckled shape of the façade itself. Both aesthetic considerations and the improvement of the energy yield were taken into account when choosing the photovoltaic elements. The photovoltaic modules have a printed glass surface with a satin finish that gives them a uniform appearance. The modules cover around ten percent of the building’s electricity requirements.

The comprehensive improvement of the building’s envelope will also make a major contribution to reducing energy consumption, lowering the amount of energy required for heating by around a third.

To allow the building to remain in service throughout the refurbishment, the renovations will be carried out in stages from the top down.

More about the refurbishment during ongoing operations in the agenda 107 (available in German and French).
Article of «» on the topic (in german)

Coop Immobilien AG, Bern

Period of time
2018 - 2021

Architecture, general planning, realization

Mark Niedermann