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Renovation and conversion Museum Altes Rathaus Forum für Kunst und Geschichte

Renovation and conversion of a heritage-protected ensemble in Potsdam's historical center.

The tradition-rich building complex comprising the old town hall, the Knobelsdorff building and a connecting structure represents Potsdam's checkered history like no other structure in the city: first a town hall, then a bank, then (after reconstruction) a culturally significant center for Potsdam.

Combining the Potsdam Museum with the Potsdam Forum in the old town hall ensemble has given rise to a modern contemporary museum on the city's history, together with a new type of center for culture and education. The design is defined by the new main entrance in the so-called "Verbinder", the connecting structure between the old town hall and the Knobelsdorff building. This heritage-protected project involved faithful restoration work, taking into account the different eras in which the original buildings were constructed. Energy efficiency was also optimized.

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Period of time
2009 – 2012

Werner Huthmacher