Renovation and transformation Château de Crissier

The historic château complex in Crissier built in 1626 – consisting of the château, an annex building and former stables – is currently being renovated and developed for residential use. The historic features preserved until today are being carefully restored. In the château’s interior, special attention will be paid to the painted décor, wood paneling and stuccos.

A contemporary apartment will be created on each of the château’s three floors while a maisonette will be developed in the former stables. The annex building will be transformed into four maisonettes and two other apartments. A modern extension on the annex building’s north façade will provide additional space for the four entrances with staircases and an elevator. Alluding to the annex’s original use as a farmhouse, the extension’s façade will be timber-clad.

The design concept for the grounds aims to minimize encroachment on existing green spaces. The historic park’s qualities will be enhanced without detracting from its appeal as a whole. There will be lawned gardens in front of each apartment which will not be divided. The play and communal areas at the end of the park will look like a natural meadow.

The château’s exterior bears witness to various transformations and extensions from different periods: The two small towers on the south side were added in 1750, for example. The major extensions were added towards the end of the 19th century, including the construction of the stair tower with parapets on the east façade and the stepped gable overlooking the garden on the château’s south-east façade. Even though its exterior has continually changed since its construction, the château’s purpose has remained the same throughout the years. Used as a villa, the château linked the agricultural complex with a second residence for the owner living in an urban center. The agricultural facilities were dismantled during the 19th century and replaced by a large park which still exists today. In 1993, the entire site fell into the ownership of the municipality of Crissier which initiated the current project in 2020, in order to redevelop and renovate all the buildings.

Municipality of Crissier

Period of time
2020 - 2022

Photos / Visualisations
Burckhardt+Partner AG

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