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Renovation and transformation Hotel East-West, Basel

Hotel East-West stands on historical grounds on the bank of the Rhine in Kleinbasel, not far from the bridge Mittlere Brücke. The first written mention of the property dates back to before the great earthquake of 1356, and it has been mentioned in connection with its use as an inn for more than 420 years. The Hüttenmoser family, who own the hotel today, purchased and restored the property in 1979. Over 30 years later, this guesthouse was to be comprehensively renovated, so as to fulfill the standards that a hotel in a top location has to meet today.

All load-bearing and structural elements were retained. The hotel's facade was not changed, but renewed, painted, and (by means of new oak windows) improved in an energy-oriented sense, all in accordance with heritage preservation requirements. The building services equipment was completely replaced.

In order to create a more spacious entrance area with a lobby, the hotel entrance was relocated. Inside the building, the atrium was opened up in order to install an elevator there for all floors of the hotel. The old wooden floors were uncovered, renewed and, where necessary, augmented. Insofar as possible, historical details were preserved and integrated into the overall concept. 

In the rooms, the entrance area and bathrooms visually form a unit and appear to be oriented towards the room. The discreet colors and selected furniture lend the rooms clear delineation and a pleasant atmosphere. Each room is unique, with modern comfort and historical ambience. 

The restaurant was gently refurbished and freshened up with new interior design elements. The kitchen was completely modernized and supplemented with additional cold storage rooms. Where the previous hotel entrance used to be, a new goods elevator between the first floor and the basement was installed. In addition, a new waste concept with a biotank and waste separation was introduced.

Hotel Hecht Hüttenmoser AG, Basel

Period of time 
2012 – 2015

Architecture, execution

Peter Hebeisen