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Restructuring Engler-Bunte Institute KIT, Karlsruhe

The new Engler-Bunte Institute considers itself to be a campus within a campus.

The initial situation for this campus is defined by the 1st construction phase. The north of the southern forum, the most important urban plaza on Campus South, leads to a smaller plaza, formed by the main lecture hall and the future Material Research Center. Access from Richard-Willstätter-Allee is provided via a gateway situation.

The new institute's individual construction phases are arranged in a loose row, so as to encompass and interweave with the greenery of the forest Hardtwald. The edges of the space define a green communication zone, the institute's garden, similar to the southern forum.

Building for the institute's Fuel Technology Division: sub-section 1

The underlying principle is a double-loaded arrangement of laboratories and testing halls that are structurally independent of each other. Due to the users' need for short routes in the context of the special form of research at the Engler-Bunte Institute, a combination of halls and laboratories makes sense. This enables optimal transport of material samples between laboratories and testing halls, while facilitating good monitoring. The urbanistic appearance of the courtyards in front of the halls develops out of the functional double-loaded positioning of halls and laboratories. Materials can be placed here without disrupting the overall look of the institute. At the front end, the office areas conclude the structure and characterize the urban look at Engler-Bunte-Ring.

Building for common areas: sub-section 2

Unlike the institutional buildings, this special structure has a north-south alignment and thus provides an urbanistic transition from the Engler-Bunte Institute's forecourt into the institute's peaceful garden. The main entrance is clearly visible from Engler-Bunte-Platz and connects the area in front of the lecture hall with the outdoor area. The foyer is divided into a quiet area with a kitchenette and a lounge area by the foyer facade, leading into a reading area in front of the library.

Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg,
Amt Karlsruhe

Period of time
2013 – 2017

20.7 Mio. EUR (1st construction phase)

Stephan Baumann