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Reconstruction Haller buildings and extension Cantonal school, Baden

Reconstruction of the Haller buildings 
The decisive criterion in the competitive bidding for the contract award was the conceptual approach selected for the rehabilitation project in view of the highly desirable architectural conservation of the Fritz Haller buildings. The project originated with the need to dispose of the asbestos. The corresponding tear-down, in the interior area practically right down to the basic framework, provided an opportunity to update the buildings to the latest state of the art in terms of energy efficiency, fireproofing and classroom furnishings. 

The comprehensive conservation of the overall structure was of the highest priority: The integral character and appearance of the five buildings, dating back to the early 60s, were to be preserved. To avoid changing that uniform character, the outer façades were not to be replaced. New, high-performance insulating glass was installed in the existing window frames. In combination with other specific improvements, such as thermal insulation in the roofs and ground-floor spaces, as well as the new comfort ventilation, it was possible to meet the «Minergie» (energy star) standard. 

The simple, systematic structural design developed back then by Fritz Haller turned out to be fortuitous for the implementation of the improvements envisioned. 

To meet the need for additional classroom space while avoiding expensive makeshift solutions during the rehabilitation project, a first phase involved the construction of a full story on top of the natural-science wing, built in the 70s. Conformity in architectural appearance was achieved by building a dual-skin glass façade whose outer skin was extended over the existing façade sections. The elegant transparency to the outside and inside blends in perfectly with the ensemble of the surrounding Haller buildings. 

Kanton Aargau

Period of time
2000 – 2008

31,5 Mio. CHF

Architecture, realization 

Zulauf & Schmidlin Architekten