Site development Hagnau East and West, Muttenz

At an interface between the cantons of Basel-Country and Basel-City, where three communities and central transport axes meet, the location of the Hagnau and Schänzli sites is a challenging one in terms of planning. They extend along the compact edge of the terrain between a settlement zone and the Brüglinger Plain, which has attractive greenery and space for leisure activities. This location has immense potential for development, with its excellent accessibility and the very close proximity of the recreational area along the Birs River.

Burckhardt+Partner already initiated the Hagnau site development with a feasibility study in 2007. In accordance with neighborhood planning obligations, the owners of the Hagnau East and West sites then commissioned the neighborhood planning process. Together with the Muttenz municipal council, a cooperative process was launched, to ensure sustainable overall development in the interests of everyone involved. Subsequently, HRS Real Estate AG directly commissioned the project planning for the East site.

The neighborhood plans allow implementation in stages. High-density utilization means that the surrounding landscape is spared and the Schänzli site can be preserved as an undeveloped recreational area. The concept envisages an ensemble of six harmonized high-rises, 39 to 90.5 meters tall: precisely positioned structures that require less built surface area, so it is possible to have open spaces and plazas that are spacious, terraced, green and publicly accessible, offering places to spend time in, as well as attractive and safe connecting routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

The site development envisages space for around 630 attractive apartments to cover different needs and to provide for a diversity of residents. Commercial spaces offer room for around 700 workplaces and a wide-ranging program for the whole population. A wide variety of commercial, neighborhood infrastructure and leisure uses are planned in the base. Currently not all that lively, this zone at the entrance to Muttenz shall transform into an inviting neighborhood.

HRS Real Estate AG (Hagnau Ost)

Period of time 
since 2007 

Project development, architecture, general planning

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