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Competition National Concert Hall, Vilnius

The competition entry for the construction of the new National Concert Hall in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius is based on two rectangular basic elements accommodating two event halls. They are united by a joint, generously-sized roof beset with copper tiles to form one single unit: “Tautos Namai”, or “The Home of Nation”.

The characteristic feature of the design is its copper roof, which envelops the entire building as a façade. The two apexes of the roof formally link the new urban landmark to Vilnius’ roofscape, while high-quality glass on the ground floor blurs the boundary between the indoor and outdoor areas. As such, the entrance hall – designed as a kind of covered public area – can be seen as an extension of the surrounding landscape.

The performance halls are created as independent structures, isolated from the rest of the building, to create the best possible acoustical conditions. These are spanned by a roof that meets the applicable requirements, although it is not supported by the structures of the two halls.

The walls enveloping the event halls serve two purposes. Firstly, they increase the entrance hall’s insulation against sound and vibration, and secondly, they house infrastructure areas, such as information and ticket counters or seating areas and benches.

The large main hall is designed as a concert hall; meeting the applicable acoustic requirements. Unusual for a concert hall, the roof has a pyramid peak. This does not impact the surround sound, however, thanks to an acoustic ceiling suspended over the stage. The striking ceiling, made of plaster, distributes sound optimally: on the stage, it ensures the optimal conditions for the orchestra, and in the spectators’ seats, it provides a fantastic listening experience. It can also be used – like a large chandelier – to light up the hall or as a projection area.

The smaller hall is intended to accommodate a range of different performances, and is therefore designed to be adapted flexibly. The roof is adorned with inflatable cushions, which can be used to change the hall’s acoustics for the performance in question. It features auditorium-style seating, with different room designs possible, thanks to pop-up chairs hidden in the floor along the sides of the hall. The room can also be extended to the foyer by raising the rear wall of the stage, opening up additional usage possibilities.

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